1. Henlow Bridge Lakes

Image Courtesy of Henlow Bridge Lakes Club

Henlow Bridge Lakes offer anglers a unique opportunity to test their luck in the paradise of Bedfordshire. Located around 10 miles from Bedford, this complex is teeming with beautiful lakes; one kilometre-long river and four pleasure-fishing-oriented lakes provide something for any skill level. Let’s talk about Jordan and Vincent lakes.

Jordan’s Lake is an idyllic retreat from the hustle and bustle of life. With over 4.9 acres spanning two islands, it offers several opportunities for anglers to hook onto carp up to a whopping 30 lb! 

Vincent’s Lake is a 1.55-acre paradise for fishing lovers, with rudds, roaches, and bream swimming harmoniously with gudgeons, crucians, and carp (up to 15 lb)

Henlow Bridge Lakes at a Glance:

Name Henlow Bridge Lakes
Lake Size 33 acres
Location Bedford, SG16 6DD
Pricing  Contact the lake for prices
Phone Number 01462 812 645
Record Carp 30 lb

2. How End Fisheries

Image Courtesy of How End Fisheries

How End Fisheries is designed with two separate lakes that work to provide an even playing field from a competitive viewpoint while remaining in harmony with the surrounding landscape.

How End is relatively small, containing 18 pegs. However, its stock of carp is huge, and matches are known to produce incredibly large bags of fish, including carp, barbel, tench, chub, bream, perch and ide!

Its average size of carp ranges between 6-8 lb, although there have been catches of up to 29 lb.

This spot looks out for match fishermen wanting to get competitive as well as conservationists wanting to preserve nature, making it the perfect spot for all.

How End Fisheries at a Glance:

Name How End Fisheries
Lake Size Not Specified
Location Bedford, MK45 3JT
Pricing  Starts at £10
Phone Number 01462 812 645
Record Carp 29 lb

3. Lakeside Fishery

Image Courtesy of Lakeside Fishery Club

Lakeside Fishery in Cublington is approximately six miles from Leighton Buzzard. The fishery consists of two lakes stocked with mixed coarse fish. The first one is the Top Coarse Lake, which is a two-acre mixed fishery with 27 swims. There, you can catch common carp up to 20 lb!

And the Bottom Coarse Lake is a 2.5-acre haven with depths reaching up to 18 feet! This prominent location is home to a wide variety of fish, such as tench, grass carp, roach, and perch. And this is where a 34-lb record-breaking catch was made in 2020.

Lakeside Fishery at a Glance:

Name Lakeside Fishery
Lake Size Depends on the lake
Location Cublington
Pricing Starts at £7.00 per person
Phone Number 01296 682201
Record Carp 34 lb

4. Manor Farm Lakes

Image Courtesy of Manor Farm Lakes

Manor Farm Lakes, located in the heart of Central Bedfordshire and easily accessible from the A1, offers an unbeatable angling experience with its sprawling 100-acre expanse. There, you can find seven different fishing lakes, an 18’ van touring caravan site with drainage and electric hook-ups, and, of course, the River Ivel along the eastern edge.

Whether you’re looking to practice specimen carp fishing, night fishing, fly fishing for carp, or match and coarse angling — Manor Farm Lakes have it all! They also offer predator spinning and lure and deadbait fishing.

Manor Farm Lakes at a Glance:

Name Manor Farm Lakes
Lake Size 100 acres
Location Bedford
Pricing Starts at £3 for Day ticket


Starts at £5 for Night ticket

Phone Number 01767 601 138
Record Carp 35+ lb

5. Park Farm Fisheries

Image Courtesy of Park Farm Fisheries

Park Farm Fisheries provides a variety of activities for visitors to the South Bedfordshire region. Situated in “The Rye” of Eaton Bray, Park Farm isn’t far from the nearby cities of Dunstable and Leighton Buzzard, just a stone’s throw away from the A505 Leighton Buzzard bypass.

Park Farm includes three coarse fishing lakes, a bait shop, ornamental fish sales, stabling, livery, manege, and an airfield.

The Moat Lake is well stocked with an array of coarse fish, pike, tench, bream, carp, roach, and rudd to provide a thrilling experience. The New Leisure Lake’s well-maintained body of water is fully stocked with silverfish and smaller carp to give the anglers an enjoyable fishing experience.

And lastly, the Carp Lake, which is located in the far corner of the farm, is ideal for anglers looking for a challenge. Big carp (up to 30 lb) are stocked in this lake.

Park Farm Fisheries at a Glance:

Name Park Farm Fisheries
Lake Size 1.5 acres
Location Eaton Bray
Pricing  Starts at £15
Phone Number 01525 229140 or 07528 178357
Record Carp 30 lb

6. Toddington Fishery

Toddington Fishery is an excellent place for coarse fishing! Located in a peaceful spot in rural Bedfordshire, it provides you with an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Toddington has been around for 25 years, and it’s stocked with an array of coarse fish, such as roach, perch, tench, bream, carp up to 30+ lb, and catfish up to a whopping 60+ lb.

This fishery is always looking for ways to improve its site, so you can expect exciting changes whether you visit once a year or every week. Matches are also available for those wanting to compete against other anglers.

Toddington Fishery at a Glance:

Name Toddington Fishery
Lake Size 5 acres
Location Toddington
Pricing  Starts at £10 for adults


Starts at £5 for Children (12 and under)

Phone Number 07896 788 957
Record Carp 30+ lb
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