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Berkley Powerbait Pink Panda

Berkley Powerbait Pink Panda

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Berkley PowerBait® Trout Bait 50g

- Bait for trout
- Different aromas available
- Content: 50g
- Convenient resealable packaging
- High buoyancy
- Easy to knead
- Irresistible aroma
- Bright colours
- Dressage breaking
- Powerbait aroma
- The fish will hold on to the bait longer
- Less misses
- Specially for trout
- Ideal for commercial waters


Berkley PowerBait makes beginning anglers good and good anglers great! It took Berkley scientists more than 25 years to perfect an irresistible scent and taste, resulting in the exclusive PowerBait formula. Fish like PowerBait so much that they will hold onto it 18 times longer than normal, giving you time to feel more bites, hook more fish, and therefore catch more fish! The dough has a high buoyancy and is easy to knead into the right shape. Available in several tempting flavors.

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