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Bitelight Nano Green

Bitelight Nano Green

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If you are like me you have probably spent fortunes and thousands of hours appealing to or hiding from the senses of carp. In the early days we focused on taste offering the fish custom made baits which over the years have evolved into hundreds of products focussed on appealing to the carp’s taste buds.
As the ‘taste’ industry flourished, a potentially bigger industry was also born with a multitude of new tackle. Expensive leaders, soft braids and weighted mainlines were developed to elude the carps sensitive touch.

With the introduction of trout pellet into carp fishing for the first time the ‘smell’ of the bait could draw in fish from afar. In recent years a huge range of liquids, powders and goo have made appealing to smell an art form.

You’ll never see a seasoned carp angler making any more noise than he needs to. We all know carp are very sensitive to sound and try to limit loud noises to swearing at the guy on the far bank knocking his pegs in with a lump hammer.

On a bright day in shallow or very clear water there’s a lot we can do to appeal to or fool the carp’s sight. However, when the sun drops past the horizon the ‘sight’ options reduce dramatically. Over the years many attempts have been made to solve this puzzle, from chemical additives that faintly glow to corn you need to charge up on your head-torch, nothing had really hit the mark. At least not in the carp fishing industry.

As an angler I split my time primarily between carp and predators, Bitelight was born as a product to appeal to predator anglers. The commercial spend on underwater lights runs into tens of millions each year. These are guys who have to catch or their family won’t eat and they are spending millions every year on light based products with modern technology surely something could be made to bring this edge to freshwater?

After studying all the options from the huge blue lights Bluefin Tuna fishermen lower beneath their boats to the pen sized LED lights used by Swordfishermen to glow sticks, I determined that there really wasn’t anything out there already that was small enough or bright enough to use in my coarse fishing.
My initial conversations with some well-respected anglers made it clear that it would have to be tiny and would ideally be able to attach to a rig sleeve or swivel without hindering casting or presentation, so I set about attempting to make the World’s smallest 3v completely waterproof light.

A mere 15 months and 140 prototypes later we had a product that worked in fresh water or salt, a lithium battery that stayed lit for a minimum of 100 hours and a range of colours that not only caught fish, but had produced PBs for pretty much every angler who had used them.

Our early testing was focussed around Pike, Catfish and Sturgeon which is where we anticipated the market for this product to be. It fast became clear that for all these species using a Bitelight wasn’t just an edge, on its day it could be devastating. What did surprise us though was the number of specimen sized carp we were picking up on fish baits when we used red and blue Bitelights. It was only when we started illuminating pop-ups that we realised how effective a Bitelight can be for carp.

As we were testing in the winter we were reluctant to put much bait in to draw the fish in and during our first winter illuminated pop-ups were producing consistent success. During those dark winter months the Bitelight rig’s ability to be cast onto a sixpence in the dead of night was not lost on us. On those stormy winter’s nights when the carp are most likely to feed fishing the illuminated pop-ups made it easy to get your rig back on the right spot every time.

With the testing and production of our lure range taking up much of our time during the winter it was late in the spring before our focus turned back to Cyprinids. By this time the weather had warmed up significantly and how we could gain the best success with Bitelight needed to be looked at again. We were still doing very nicely on the illuminated pop-ups but often the fish were up in the water and a surface approach or a zig might be a better option. The downside to both these techniques is that their success rates at night drop drastically, encouraging many anglers myself included to bang out a couple of ‘Ronnies’ at night and switch back to surface layers at first light.

During our lure fishing development we discovered a range of LEDs that were not only much brighter than anything we had previously used, but also lasted the 100 hours we set as our benchmark. I had recently returned from a week testing this new range of super-bright Bightlights in the sea, where I discovered not only did the green and blue versions catch a lot of fish, they lit up an area bigger than the average bivvy. My next overnighter was on Brasenose 1 at Linear Fisheries, I attached blue and green Bitelight nanos to the sleeves on my rigs as it was getting dark and cast the zigs back out. My intention was to flood the bottom with green and blue light which occur naturally underwater, allowing passing fish to make out the silhouette of my zig.

I continued to spod out regularly as I wanted the fish to associate the light with food and within an hour had my first fish. I had fished Linear Fisheries on and off for the last 20 years, but I was about to have more fish in 10 hours than I’d ever caught in a whole session. By 10.30am I’d had 15 fish to 31lb 8oz. I was back the next week and had 11. One of the other big advantages of fishing Bitelights is the sheer quantity of underwater life they draw in, which must be at least partly responsible for some of these amazing results as your swim is constantly being baited with naturals.

Through word of mouth we were now selling Bitelights into 4 continents. They have caught almost everything that swims. In the last few weeks I’ve had reports of huge Perch, massive hauls of cats and destroying marks at sea along with countless accounts of success with British fish. With 1 angler breaking his PB by 26lbs on his first cast to another who landed one of Britain’s largest fish on his first Bitelight session after targeting it for 2 years there is something in the range to give every angler an edge.

A few weeks ago a small group of carp angler’s turned up at Linear Fisheries Oxlease Lake. Oxlease has a reputation for producing the majority of its bites in the night and this group of anglers are aware of this and it’s their intention to fish as actively as possible well into darkness. With a stiff breeze blowing across the lake baiting accurately would be the biggest challenge. The only additions to their normal kit were a small box of high visibility lights which they fitted to their spombs. Over the next 48 hours they experienced wind and rain and pea soup fog, yet even during the worst of it they were hitting their spots again and again watching the light down every cast. By the end of the weekend 6 anglers doubled up on 3 swims landed almost 80 carp and over 20 tench! A number of PBs were landed and numerous carp over 30lbs.

The ‘Flight Lights’ are out now and with Bitelights costing less than 4p for an hour’s use, no doubt you are already considering where they might fit into your fishing. The illuminated pop-ups still are tough to match if you want to try and tempt a wary big fish, but if you want to really ‘take apart’ a big fish venue then pairing up ‘Flight Light’ spomb lights and underlit zigs is a tough combination to compete with.
If you fish for Catfish or Sturgeon or Pike or anything in the sea then you should absolutely give Bitelights a try day or night they are a massive edge. If carp are your quarry a little more finesse may be required but the end result can be equally devastating. At bitelight we are learning every day we know that Perch and Zander love red lights but never take green, we know that Pike and Catfish will go for anything the brighter the better and we know that red and blue work best for popups and blue has the best results on zigs. With new products launching almost every month we will soon have the perfect product for every situation. If you see me or one of the team casting what looks like a firework in the night go and have a nose, we are always happy to show them off.
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