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Carp Porter - MK4S Evo

Carp Porter - MK4S Evo

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The MK4S EVO is a 3 wheeled barrow meaning pushing it is an absolute breeze. It also features a suspension assisted front fork; this makes that uneven ground a lot smoother while pushing your kit to and from the swim.

It also comes with a large drop in bag, Y-Bar and a set of bungees. The drop in bag is perfect for storing all manner of kit, such as spare clothes, bait or anything you can’t fit in your luggage. The Y-Bar means your rods stay nicely stored on top on the barrow and can be clipped in place with its handy rod bag clip.

Another great feature of the MK4S EV0 is it’s included front arm and front bar with Basic Front Bag. This bag is ideal for storing spare clothes, waterproofs or food etc.

The barrow also features dual handlebars. This gives the barrow extra stability on those long barrow journeys when carrying large amounts of kit.

The barrow is fully adjustable in both its width and length, meaning you can set the barrow up for a day’s fishing, or alternatively fully adjust it and carry all the kit needed for weekends angling.

So if you’re looking for a barrow that’s easy to push, packed full of features with lots of additional storage, the MK4S EVO could be the perfect barrow for you and its available now at your local retailer.

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