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Fortis Wraps Switch

Fortis Wraps Switch

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Fortis Wraps Fishing Sunglasses - Switch Technology

When you’re listing the things that you rely on at the bank, it might be easy to fall into the trap of listing your traditional tackle items and your rod, reel, and terminal tackle might take all the top spots. However, the most dedicated angler will know that one of these things constitute your most important weapon on the bank. In fact, you eyes are your most valuable bankside asset by far! Not only do you use your eyes to scope out the water, checking it out for any signs of carp rolling on the surface or grubbing around on the lake bed, but you also rely on your eyes once you’ve got your rods out. We know that we find nothing more enjoyable that spotting the tip of our rod twitching and we’re sure it is much the same for you. This is why it is of the utmost importance that you take adequate care of your eyes on the bank, ensuring that you’re put in the best possible position to spend your time at the bank landing catch after catch. This is where a pair of top end sunglasses comes into play.

If you’ve spent any time trying to spot the dark shape of a carp under the water, you’ll know exactly how much of an impact glare can have on your bankside enjoyment. You’ll also know that the sun doesn’t have to be beaming down in order to cause glare and, in fact, some of the very worst glare can occur on those ‘bright but overcast’ grey days, when the sky is practically white with light. Luckily for you, with a pair of Fortis Wraps Sunglasses in your luggage, you never need to let these kind of light conditions prevent you from enjoying your day at the water’s edge.

Fortis is a brand which is dedicated to producing eyewear solutions which are not only practical but also fashionable. These Fortis Wraps certainly tick all boxes, with their carpy matt black wrap-around frame. However, it isn’t just the light-blocking super-stylish frame that sets these sunglasses apart from the competition. These sunglasses are ram-packed with features and technology to ensure that you can make the most of your time at the bank. First things first, these glasses are fitted with Fortis’ unique Switch Technology. The lenses of these glasses have been impregnated with light sensitive molecules, which react to changes in light levels. This means that the molecules darken as they are exposed to a greater intensity of light, providing you with greater protection against the most intensive UV light. Similarly, as the light levels lower, the lenses begin to pale. This innovative feature ensures that you don’t have to keep changing your mind about whether or not you need sunglasses – perfect for those clear-but-cloudy days.

The Fortis Wraps Sunglasses with Switch Technology also have side lenses fitted in the arms of the glasses. This ensures that you can enjoy 180 degree peripheral vision, ideal for when you’re working on rig or bait construction on the bank but you still want to keep an eye on your rod tips in case of any action. Soft rubber inserts in the frame ensures that the glasses don’t slip from your face on a hot and sweaty day and a venting system at the top of the frame prevents your glasses from misting up when you’re barrowing down to the bank or when you’re locked in an intensive fish fight.

The Fortis Wraps Sunglasses with Switch Technology come in their own branded hard case, to ensure they are protected in storage and in transit, and are the perfect accessory for the carp angler’s biggest weapon.

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