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Gardner Covert Link Lok Swivels

Gardner Covert Link Lok Swivels

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Gardner Link Lok Swivels are designed to allow you to attach looped hooklinks securely onto the self locking twisted Link-Lok loop. The ‘Lok’ design makes them both quick and easy to use, and importantly, much stronger than some alternative quick change swivels.

There is no need to use additional anti-tangle or silicone sleeves to hold the hooklink in position as the Link Lok keeps the hooklink safely in place. This means you still have free movement at the lead end that helps stiff/short hooklinks work more effectively as they can pivot unrestricted.

  • Ideal for use on both Helicopter rigs and Lead clip arrangements.
  • Size 8 swivel eye is sized perfectly to fit securely into the COVERT Lead Clips, ensuring the lead is discharged before the swivel is released by the lead clip (IMPORTANT).
  • Anti-glare finish reduces visibility underwater.
  • Smooth spinning, strong and reliable.
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