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Guru 4” QM1 Bayonet Rig Size 12 To 7lbs

Guru 4” QM1 Bayonet Rig Size 12 To 7lbs

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These ready rigs feature the renowned Guru QM1 hook and feature Bait Bayonets tied to the hair for easy hooking of baits.
The QM1 hook has a unique shape which makes it very difficult for the fish to eject the bait without becoming hooked.
These rigs are tied to Guru N-Guage mono which has proved to be one of the best commercial lines available.
Supplied in packs of 8.


Hook Size Line Diameter (mm) Breaking Strain (Lbs)
10 0.25 12
12 0.22 9
14 0.19 7
16 0.17 6
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