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Gardner Fishing Tackle

Gardner Tackle Hook Aligner Rig

Gardner Tackle Hook Aligner Rig

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Color: Gravel

By combining our highly effective Covert Hook aligners with the superb Incizor pattern you simply have the best possible rig mechanics! The Hook Aligner and Incizors work together perfectly to flip and turn aggressively and give a really secure hook hold. In simple terms this means that more fish that pick up your hook bait are pricked, and more pricked fish become securely hooked and end up in your landing net.

By going one stage further and adding a blow back ring and using our excellent, super subtle camouflage Disruption hooklink material it means that all anglers now have access to a rig that will work with either bottom baits, snowmen hook baits or even pop ups (just add Critical Mass counterbalance to sink as necessary) making it the number 1 choice in a wide variety of carp angling situations.

  • Covert Incizor hooks and Disruption hooklinks for excellent camouflage.
  • These rigs feature a looped section for use with quick change swivels and links.
  • The ‘stripped’ section of hooklink allows the hook to turn aggressively, enhancing hooking efficiency.
  • Now with Anti-Tangle sleeves.
  • Available in Sizes 6, 8 & 10 – Barbed or Barbless.
  • Tied with a Covert Incizor hook and either Green or Brown 15Ib Disruption skinned hooklink.
  • Hand tied in the UK.
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