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Korda - Kiana Carp - Passionfruit Supreme Goo

Korda - Kiana Carp - Passionfruit Supreme Goo

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Passion Fruit is a bit different as fruits go, as it combines both tartness and sweetness, as well as having a slightly floral aroma, which makes it quite distinct from anything else. The sweetness is more delicate than some fruits, and the tartness is similar to citrus, which creates a natural balance, and the carp – and anglers - seem to love it, if results during testing have been anything to go by.

Being a Supreme version of Goo, it has a thinner consistency which makes it ideal for soaking deep into your hookbaits if left coated in it for a longer period of time, and thus ensuring that it is still leaking off a scent trail for many hours after you’ve cast out. In terms of the colour, it is the sort of vibrant, dark yellow that you would expect to find on the inside of a ripe passion fruit.

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