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Korda - Black Singlez Spike Ball Stabiliser

Korda - Black Singlez Spike Ball Stabiliser

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This is a super lightweight version of the original Singlez system, and each part is precision machined from a solid block of aluminium for us by top engineering firm, JAG Products, and then anodised with a super-hard, extremely durable, satin black finish. It can be used in any type of ground or even on platforms, and two rod and three rod versions are available, with a whole host of different ways of setting them up, thanks to different length uprights and buzz bars, plus you can even turn it into single banksticks if you want to.

The Singlez has literally turned rod support systems upside down, as the buzz bar is at the bottom resting on the ground, thus providing far more stability and allowing it to be pushed into the ground with your feet, and the uprights are screwed into that, providing perfect spacing and ensuring they are all straight – it looks like a multi-rod, single bankstick set-up, but without all the hassle! Each set of uprights features a spike at the bottom – there is also a Spike Extension to make it longer for use on types of bank where it needs to be pushed further into the ground - that can be pushed into almost any type of ground using your body weight on the bars, and the addition of a Spike Ball Stabiliser provides extra stability.

If you are fishing on platforms, Stage Stands are available and are sold in pairs. Singlez are so versatile that you could even fish them as single banksticks if you wished to, with the addition of spikes screwed into the uprights. A T-Bar is also available, which you can screw a spike onto in order to create a hole to push your Singlez set-up into – if you’d rather not stand on the Buzz Bars to do this – and that comes with a carabiner clip so that it can double up as a weigh bar for your scales, plus means it can be clipped onto your luggage when not in use so there is no chance of it being mislaid.

Uprights, which can be extended thanks to an engineered knurled locking collar, come in a choice of 3.5in., 5in., or 6.5in. versions. Two rod Buzz Bars are available in 4.5in., 5in., 6in., or 6.5in., and the three rod version in 8.5in., 9.5in., 10.5in., or 11.5in., depending on what spacing you desire.

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