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Korda - Compac Spool Case Wide

Korda - Compac Spool Case Wide

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The Compac Spool Cases offer a secure storage solution for up to three spare spools, featuring well-positioned padding and reinforced walls to provide optimal protection when they’re not in use. 

The range includes two versions: Wide and Narrow, which can accommodate most spool sizes on the market.

Compac luggage is manufactured using high performance fabrics and military grade components, creating an organised, strong, lightweight, durable luggage system.

Compatible with 45mm big pit spools.

Narrow Dimensions: 22cm x 8.5cm x 8cm

Maximum spool sizes: 68mm (deep) × 70mm (wide)

Wide Dimensions: 25cm x 9.5cm x 8cm

Maximum spool sizes: 68mm (deep) × 78mm (wide)

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