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Korda - Distance Stick

Korda - Distance Stick

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Sticks used for measuring the distance to your spots and allowing you to clip up at the correct range are a very simple thing, but also have the potential to cause you a lot of problems if they’re not perfect for the job, which is why our Distance Sticks carry quite a high price tag. The sticks are constructed to last forever as they are machined by JAG from high-grade aluminum, which makes them both strong and light. The end which goes into the ground features a hard-ground auger point with 43 cutting teeth, and a T-bar (supplied) allows you to easily screw them into almost any surface, and ensure that they are vertical and won’t fall over or bend inwards during the wrapping process. The high visibility, translucent green, plastic top even features a spirit level bubble to allow you to get them perfectly straight, and also has a slot for a Mini Stow Lite isotope, which will make the whole of the top glow at night to make it easier to see when wrapping up your rods, and also to avoid tripping over the Distance Sticks in the dark! Bird nests can be a big issue when things go wrong when wrapping up your rods, but the Distance Sticks have special grooves machined into them which prevent more than one wrap of line from coming off at a time and stop tangles from occurring.  

Key features

    • High grade aluminium, machined by JAG

    • Auger point with 43 cutting teeth

    • Grooves prevent tangles

  • High visibility tops with isotope slot
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