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Korda - Heli-Safe Tubing Kit

Korda - Heli-Safe Tubing Kit

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The Heli-Safe Tubing Kit enables you to overcome Leadcore and Leaders bans by allowing you to fish a helicopter style of rig using rig tubing. This conversion kit allows the Heli-Safe System to be used with tubing whilst retaining all of the usual features of a traditional helicopter set-up and giving you the ability to drop the lead if you need to.

As you know, helicopter set-ups have great anti-tangle properties, you’re able to cast them a long way and they allow the top bead (recently update to a on this kit) to be set to determine how the hook link settles on the bottom. 

For those of you that don’t use heli type rigs… you can basically adjust the bead to allow for what your rig is landing on. If it’s on a hard bottom the distance can be short, low lying weed the distance can be increased and for something like deep silt it can be pushed right up, allowing the lead to plug into the silt but leave the rig to settle on top.

The solution to the problem may look very simple, but a lot of thought and testing has gone into getting the Heli-Safe Tubing Kit just right, so that it performs in the intended way in terms of still dropping the lead.

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