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Korda - Pop Up Corn | IB (Pink)

Korda - Pop Up Corn | IB (Pink)

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Artificial hookbaits can be incredibly effective, and this Pop-Up Corn, in our Fake Food range, is a phenomenal fish catcher. It was the first artificial bait that we ever brought out and it has a multitude of different uses, whether you are using it to tip a boilie, or just want a smaller hookbait for a Combi-Rig or a Solidz PVA bag. 

Five different flavour and colour combinations are available: the extremely popular IB (yellow) and now the new IB (pink) along with Fruity Squid (pink), Citrus Zing (orange) and the Banoffee (white). 

The flavouring is impregnated into the plastic before it is moulded. Each pack also contains matching coloured hair stops. There are 12 pieces in each packet.

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