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Korda - Solidz Slow Melt PVA Bags

Korda - Solidz Slow Melt PVA Bags

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Korda - Solidz Slow Melt PVA Bags

These Solidz PVA Bags have a thicker film to increase melt time of the bag. Manufactured in the UK, the film is over twice the thickness of the original Solidz bags, delaying the melt time considerably, ideal when fishing long-range, in deep water or wet and rainy conditions.

Manufactured from the highest-grade material available, with a neutral Ph. The original Solidz are extremely robust, but these slow-melt versions take that to the next level, with zero residue and free from any aroma.

Doubling up bags when in deep water is now a thing of the past, making it easier and quicker to tie bags up. The thicker bag is inherently stronger too, making them the ideal choice for casting long-range with heavy leads.

Available in all existing sizes. Supplied in packs of 25 (XS/S) or 20 (M/L). 

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