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Mainline Baits - Spod & PVA Pellet Mix 2kg

Mainline Baits - Spod & PVA Pellet Mix 2kg

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The Spod & PVA Pellet Mix is a unique pellet blend that has been formulated to provide a complex blend of attractors. The several mixed sizes of pellet used vary in oil content and so offer different breakdown times... 

Meaning a feed of these pellets begins to release attraction and induce a feeding response as soon as it hits the water, but then maintains this attraction signal for long periods. With the varied pellet sizes going down to a ‘micro’ size, fans of solid PVA bag tactics will simply love this mix. As this type of mixed pellet sizes means unwanted pockets of air are excluded and the bag can be formed tightly for a compact finish that improves casting distance and accuracy.  

Available in 2kg buckets (that will also keep your PVA bags dry)

Perfect for PVA bags or adding to spod mixes!


Key features

  • Unique pellet blend
  • Various oil contents
  • Different breakdown times
  • Varied pellet sizes down to a ‘micro’
  • Perfect for PVA bags or adding to spod mixes

Ref : M06007

Group : 260 Groundbait & Particle

Subgroup : Groundbait

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