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NGT Quickfish Double Bar Extending Rod Pod MK2

NGT Quickfish Double Bar Extending Rod Pod MK2

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NGT Quickfish MK2 3 Rod Pod

The NGT Quickfish MK2 3 Rod Pod is a superb addition to any angler's arsenal, whether you're just beginning your angling journey or you're a seasoned professional seeking an upgrade. It has been precisely crafted to meet the needs of modern fishermen, with its lightweight construction paired with unparalleled adjustability.

Key Features & Specifications:

Fully Adjustable with Case: This rod pod can be easily modified to suit your fishing requirements. The included case ensures protection and convenience during transport.

Dual Length Bars: The bars can be effortlessly extended from 60cm to 120cm, allowing flexibility to match the fishing situation. These bars have been rigorously tested to maintain stability even at maximum extension.

Extendable Legs: The 4 extendable legs can be altered from 27cm to 38cm in length, enabling you to customise the rod pod to the terrain's demands.

Buzz Bars: Equipped with 2 x 35cm Buzz Bars, this rod pod enables you to manage your fishing lines with great efficiency.

Height Adjustments: The 4 Buzz Bar uprights allow for versatile height adjustments, making it easier to set the rods at the most comfortable and effective height.

Benefits and Uses:

The NGT Quickfish MK2 3 Rod Pod presents a myriad of benefits that set it apart from other products on the market:

Versatility: Its fully adjustable nature ensures that it can be adapted to a wide variety of fishing scenarios, from calm lakes to flowing rivers.

Durability: Built with quality materials, this rod pod is designed to withstand the demands of different weather and environmental conditions, providing long-lasting service.

Ease of Use: The extendable features make setup and adjustments quick and painless.

Stability: The robust construction guarantees stability, making it suitable for a diverse range of ground surfaces. 

Portability: With a lightweight design and convenient case, transporting the NGT Quickfish MK2 is a breeze. It's the perfect companion for the angler always on the move.

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