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ONE MORE CAST Lock Hook Barbless

ONE MORE CAST Lock Hook Barbless

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The OMC LOCK Hook!

A Dream Hook! A project of passion to innovate what we felt IS the perfect hook for so many situations! Coupled with a love for fish care and underwater physics

THE LOCK is a true example of where fine adjustments are made to create maximum positive impact on your fishing.

Creating more aggressive hooking mechanics whilst limiting movement when the hook is in place due to its unique design! It’s like no other carp hook we’ve ever used.

The Lock has been agonisingly designed from scratch. First with a pencil, love and some white paper before reaching CAD design, sample stage, then repeat, repeat, repeat until we reached for some months the now landmark version of what you see today as THE LOCK! A true hallmark of our already fantastic OMC Hook Range.

The relationship between each part of this hook is critical! The way every detailed millimetre talks to the other parts to ensure the performance journey of the hook is consistent. 

The Inturned eye leading to the curve shank often relates to hooks being more aggressive but possibly moving a little too much during battle…NOT WITH THE LOCK! You get the dynamics of a curve shank, but when coupled with an exaggerated large gape, subtle beaked and outrageously fine needle sharp hook point, you have everything to sting the fish instantly, but when you’ve LOCKED ON, the final piece of the jigsaw is the “Flat base” of the hook leading to the “apex corner” which is the junction between shank and bend creating the nucleus of why this hook is so god damn brilliant! 

A variety of rigs can be deployed with this design, so when that beaked point drives in - the intricate pattern means the physics are focused on taking that super sharp point with speed to the apex corner to LOCK and not move!

  • An outrageously brilliant Spinner Rig Hook
  • It helps make History as a German Rig on The Grand Fishing Adventure when Zamo lands the biggest ever carp to date caught in front of an Underwater camera. 
  • It helped me tame many Siamese carp over 100lb in Thailand with just a simple Knotless Knot Bloodliner Aligner Rig! 
  • The permutations are endless - and the results are insane when you get that rig right for the presentation. 

Ali Hamidi added… “I’ve been shocked to not yet lose a single carp on this final design during our extensive testing. 50+ carp all nailed in a range of wild situations. From Thailand to UK, France & Spain! But never mind me, the feedback from anglers who have been lucky enough to use this hook have said the same…”

“Unbelievable some of the greatest hookholds I’ve ever seen”

“The greatest Spinner Rig Hook I’ve ever used”

Not only will this Hook pattern help you convert more bites into fish on the bank, but you’ll also noticeably see the calibre of your hookholds has improved consistently. 

If you’ve had bad experiences with any hooks or are looking for a pattern that has pushed hook physics to another level then we have LOCKED EYES at the right time! 

Available in:

BARBLESS sizes 4,6,8

The OMC LOCK Hook!

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