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One More Cast Meta Fuzed Leader Solid Bag Rig Size 6 Cassien Micro Barbed

One More Cast Meta Fuzed Leader Solid Bag Rig Size 6 Cassien Micro Barbed

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At the heart of the OMC Meta All-In-1 Rig is the Surrender Cassien hook, which is known for its incredible holding power and sharpness. This hook is perfectly complemented by a long distance small hookbead and a Vitabitz micro ring swivel, which work together to provide maximum sensitivity and responsiveness.

The Bloodliner curve large and dogbone sinker small are also included in this rig, providing additional strength and durability. Meanwhile, the 25lb braided hooklink and Vitabitz size 8 ring swivel ensure that all components are securely fastened, so you can cast with confidence.

The OMC Meta All-In-1 Rig also features a blend fuzed leader, which is designed to provide the perfect combination of flexibility and strength. This leader is ideal for a wide range of fishing situations, from freshwater to saltwater and everything in between.

To top it all off, the OMC Meta All-In-1 Rig is finished with a Vitabitz tail rubber, which helps to keep your rig tangle-free and your bait in the perfect position. Whether you're targeting big game fish or just trying to land a few keepers, this rig is the perfect choice for serious anglers.

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