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OMC Pitch Black Hat

OMC Pitch Black Hat

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OMC Pitch Black Cap

Capture the spirit of angling excellence with the OMC Pitch Black Cap, a seamless fusion of practicality and style. This cap is the perfect accessory for the discerning angler, blending form and function with distinctive flair.

Constructed with a super durable 100% cotton outer shell, the OMC Pitch Black Cap ensures unmatched comfort and durability. The resilient material stands up to the rigours of your fishing adventures, whether you're casting off from the river bank or battling against the gusts on a coastal fishing trip. This cap promises a fit that's as comfortable as it is secure, adapting to all head sizes with the adjustable rear Velcro strap.

The cap's standout feature is undoubtedly the designer OMC Embroidered Signature Splash Camo lettering on the front. This distinctive element sets the OMC Pitch Black Cap apart from standard angling headgear, providing a dash of charisma without sacrificing its understated elegance.

For those faced with the unpredictable British weather, the OMC Pitch Black Cap is equipped with an All-Weather coated WR finish. This innovative technology is designed to repel water and water-based stains, keeping you dry and focused, whether you're fishing in the drizzle or caught in a downpour.

Taking this weatherproofing a step further, the cap also features water repellent technology. This provides an additional layer of protection from rain and snow, ensuring the cap dries quicker and stays in prime condition longer. This key feature makes the OMC Pitch Black Cap a trusted companion in all weather conditions, protecting you from the elements whilst preserving its chic appeal.

The OMC Pitch Black Cap's 'one size fits all' design means it caters to anglers of all head sizes, ensuring no one is left behind in experiencing the blend of comfort and protection it offers. This adjustability, coupled with the comfort of the cotton outer shell, means the cap is set to stay put, no matter how challenging the angling conditions get.

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