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One More Cast Tweakers Eyed Bait Screw Large

One More Cast Tweakers Eyed Bait Screw Large

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Empower your angling adventure with a tool that's built with absolute versatility - the OMC Tweakers Eyed Bait Screws. A game-changer for avid anglers, these bait screws ensure you're no longer hindered by the limitations of traditional baiting methods.

How? The OMC Tweakers Eyed Bait Screws redefine the concept of bait screws by providing a multifaceted solution to common angling problems. Ever experienced how bird life or nuisance fish can pull a moistened bait off a regular bait screw? Or wished to customise your bait set-up to tackle a specific fishing scenario such as a Snowman or Topper Rig but found yourself restricted by standard screws? The answer lies with the OMC Tweakers Eyed Bait Screws, engineered to improve your fishing performance and amplify your possibilities.

Each OMC Tweakers Eyed Bait Screw boasts an additional hole - a unique feature that sets it apart from the competition. This added hole is no minor attribute; it is the very essence of versatility. It permits you to decide whether to use the bait screw with the added flexibility of Bait Floss or not. This is bait adaptation taken to an entirely new level, a triumph of functionality and convenience.

Moreover, our bait screws come in two sizes for optimum compatibility with your preferred bait. Choose the small size for use with boilies between 12mm to 18mm. Opt for the large size when you're working with boilies of 20mm and larger. With this range, OMC Tweakers Eyed Bait Screws cater to every angler's needs.

Let's delve deeper into the benefits of these screws. Adding an eyed bait screw to your fishing arsenal means improved performance on the water. Being able to securely hold your bait while presenting it attractively to the fish enhances your catch rates. Moreover, the flexibility of using Bait Floss, if you choose, provides a far superior hold, making it harder for bird life, nuisance fish, or crays to disrupt your bait.

While being the epitome of practicality, the OMC Tweakers Eyed Bait Screws don’t compromise on quality. They are robust, durable and designed to withstand the challenges of diverse fishing conditions. Every aspect of these bait screws, from design to execution, reflects our commitment to quality and our understanding of the demands of passionate anglers.

The OMC Tweakers Eyed Bait Screws are not just a tool; they are a way to enhance your angling potential and realise your fishing goals. This is not about changing the game; it's about elevating it. So, why settle for anything less? Opt for versatility, adaptability, and top-tier performance with the OMC Tweakers Eyed Bait Screws.

Revolutionise your angling with OMC. Remember, when the going gets tough, the tough get tweaking. 

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