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Robin Red Luncheon Meat

Robin Red Luncheon Meat

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Robin Red Luncheon Meat is a delicious and nutritious fishing bait made using ultra-low fat meat, which makes it perfect for quick sinking, hair-rigging, or hooking in a direct manner. Baits have made a delicious, rich meal for those who love fishing. The dynamite bait luncheon meat is low in fat and packed with protein to keep you satisfied all day long!

The luncheon meat from Dynamite Baits is packed with real Haiths Robin Red that just oozes flavor into the water, so it's low in fat and high in protein. This would be awesome on a river or commercial carp lake! It is also meat that carp, barbel, chub, or bream couldn't resist.

Great for cutting into cubes for match fishing or just ripping off a chunk when fishing for bigger fish. The meat comes in vacuum-sealed packs to retain freshness.

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