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Shimano Aero Pro Landing Net 20”

Shimano Aero Pro Landing Net 20”

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The Aero Pro Landing Net range has been designed to offer a great combination of practicality and reliability, whilst maintaining high fish welfare standards.

The frame of the Aero Pro nets is made from a strong, durable, lightweight extruded anodised aluminium, which will keep its shape under the most demanding situations, even when large fish are encountered. This is secured into a high-impact, ultra strong polycarbonate (ABS) spreader block using a dual screw attachment for fail-safe performance and finished with a standard 3/8 metal screw thread

The 16 (40cm) and 18 (46cm) are great for larger silver fish or smaller F1 carp and the 20 (50cm) cis ideal for commercial carp.

The soft fish-friendly mesh is of a two size design, with a larger diameter 5mm side wall and a finer 3mm bottom mesh to reduce snagging of hooks and hair rigs whilst retaining the ability to move the net swiftly through the water when netting.

Combine any one of the Aero Pro landing net heads with a Shimano Aero landing net handle for the ultimate netting combination.

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