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Spotted Fin Catalyst Pellets 11mm

Spotted Fin Catalyst Pellets 11mm

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Want a proven, powerful pellet to improve your fishing? These pellets break down quickly releasing the same natural proteins, attractors and flavours as the Catalyst range. Ideal for use in spod mixes, PVA bags, on the method, or as the perfect addition to the Catalyst boilies. They are a durable and very adaptable pellet which have become a very popular choice for anglers of all disciplines.

Sold in a 900g resealable pouch. (The 2.7kg option equates to 3 x 900g bags)


The Catalyst

The Catalyst is an active bait, built from new ideas, using the finest milk and hemp proteins with liquid vitamins, minerals, enzymes and yeasts which allow the bait to be digested easily by the fish. The unique Catalyst flavour is Spotted Fin’s own blend of proven ingredients and is a powerful catcher of fish.

Our Philosophy

Spotted Fin is a destination brand for both seasoned and the next generation of anglers, with an emphasis on creating a superior customer experience, not inflating margins. We want to create a brand that delivers choice and quality without compromise.

We focus on building the best bait for fishing with carefully chosen, high quality ingredients, and let the results speak for themselves. That’s us. Unrivalled choice, exceptional quality, at a fair price.
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