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Sticky Baits

Sticky Baits Krill Active Pop-Ups 16mm

Sticky Baits Krill Active Pop-Ups 16mm

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The Krill Active Pop-Ups.

Our Active range has been a huge success, and as such demand for new products within ithas never been higher. We worked tirelessly to craft a method of creating a pop-up hookbaitthat matches our Active boilies perfectly, whilst still offering the necessary buoyancy toensure your rigs are fishing effectively. After several years, we have finally created theultimate Active pop-up!Krill Active Pop-Ups feature a fluffy, light outer-coating, which has a neutral buoyancy. Thismeans your pop-ups can be counterbalanced perfectly prior to casting out and you can restassured your hookbait is sitting perfectly for days if necessary! Once submersed the outercoating breaks away and flutters slowly down to the lakebed, surrounding your hookbait in ahalo of attraction, which perfectly matches our Krill Active boilies.Only available in 16mm pop-ups, these hookbaits are suitable for heavy duty presentations,such as Chod or Hinge rigs, but can also be used on more delicate rigs too, such as theRonnie or Multi rig. It’s time to take your pop-up game to the next level!

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