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Sticky Baits

Sticky Manilla Active Shelf Life 16mm 1kg

Sticky Manilla Active Shelf Life 16mm 1kg

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Sticky Baits Manilla Active Shelf Life

Manilla Active Shelf Life uses the same process as all our Active boilies, which involves atwo-stage coating made up of super soluble liquids along with fine, high-grade powders. Theresult is a paste layer, which surrounds each bait in a cocoon ofattraction, once submerged,this breaks away, leaving a cloudy halo around each bait. Just like the freezer baitcounterpart, Manilla Active Shelf Life is specifically designed to release its attractor packageeven in the coldest water temperatures, meaning the outer coating will break awayincredibly quickly even in the winter months. This attribute is why it’s such a brilliant instantbait despite the limiting factors that cold water carp fishing entails.Sweet, nutty and incredibly digestible Manilla Active Shelf Life uses the same formula of milkproteins and refined nut proteins used in the freezer bait but with the addition of thesmallest amount of preservative we can. Our Active Shelf Life range uses natural salts foundin the hydrolysates used in the coating process to preserve them without reducing theireffectiveness or their‘active’nature. With this in mind, Manilla Active Shelf Life has a slightlyshorter use by date, compared to that of standard Manilla Shelf Life.Our Active boilies are thebiggest step forward in off the shelf bait in decades and are sure togive you an edge. Manilla Active Shelf Life is available in 1kg and 5kg bags in sizes12mm,16mm, 20mm and 24mm

ACTIVE BOILIES TIPS/IMPORTANT INFORMATIONDue to our complicatedrolling process to bring you the best boilie on the market, werecommend adding only minimal liquids to this product. Adding too much will break downthe coating and make the bait harder to use. We also recommend using it straight from thebag, or an airtight, sealed bucket. Do not air dry the baits, as this causes the coating to drytoo quickly and can cause it to crumble


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