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Tackle Guru - A-CLASS 13.0m Pole - Power Pack

Tackle Guru - A-CLASS 13.0m Pole - Power Pack

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The A-Class range has proven to be incredibly popular since its release last year. Catering for anglers that require a more affordable range of tackle. Following on from this massive success we’re very pleased to announce the launch of the A-Class pole range.

This range consists of five poles starting from a short 5.5m Margin through to a 13m pole. All of which have been designed to cover a wide variety of fishing situations at an affordable price point. 

All the A-class poles have been constructed using Zero 400 Tensile Carbon, a super strong carbon that offers the perfect balance of durability and quality performance. We’ve used two different finishes on the A-Class pole range ensuring the poles have optimum efficiency and performance. The butt sections feature a super glide paint finish and a friction free matt tape Finish on the thinner sections, both combined significantly improves speed and efficiency, even during those tricky conditions when wet sticky hands can slow you down. 

A feature to improve stiffness and performance is the addition of the Guru Performance Point Alignment System. Once the points are aligned this stiffens up the spine of the carbon and ensures optimum pole performance.  

The True Extensions are a major component of the A-Class pole range. These take the poles to the exact stated length. This is a key feature that we have transitioned over from our flagship Aventus pole range. These True Extensions are made using the same quality carbon construction and feature reinforced end sections for improved durability.

Finishing touches to the A-Class pole range is the addition of a perfectly placed carbon wrap for side bush assembly and fitted UK Manufactured PTFE bushes, making these poles ready to fish! 

A-CLASS 13.0m Power Pack (1180g)

The A-Class 13.0m is the longest pole in the A-Class range and packs a serious punch, but also has a stiff responsive action that is essential for a longer length pole. The 13.0m A-class pole comes with two True Extensions at 11.5m and 13.0m for improved accuracy and versatility. On the subject of versatility, we have developed two pack options for the 13.0m A-Class pole, a Match and a Power pack. Allowing you to tailor the pack that suits your style of fishing perfectly. 

13.0m Pole (Supplied with 4.7mm Generic Match Power Kit)

13m True Extension

11.5m True Extension

1 x 4.7mm Generic Match Power Kit

2 x 5.8mm Generic Carp Power Kit

1 x Generic Cupping Kit

Supplied in clear PVC tubes with orange Guru branded caps

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