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Tackle Guru - Incredible Pult

Tackle Guru - Incredible Pult

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The Incredible Pult is the ‘big daddy’ of the Guru catapult stable. Offering longer distances, whilst maintaining the light, slim profile of other catties in the range.

The sturdy hollow frame houses a robust elastic, ensuring strength and durability as it runs seamlessly through the frame. This design creates access to six strategically placed pegging points, enabling you to meticulously adjust the tension of the elastic. This precision-tensioning feature gives you the ability to hit a variety of longer ranges consistently. As a result, it’s perfect long-range pellet waggler fishing or firing boilies to long-range reed lined margins. The moulded heavy-duty pouch encourages perfect bait grouping at long distance with minimal effort.

There are three catapults in the Guru range; Light, Original and the heavy Incredible Pult with spare elastics and pouches are available throughout the range.

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