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Tackle Guru - Kaizen Pole Rigs

Tackle Guru - Kaizen Pole Rigs

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The Guru Kaizen 6” Ready Rigs are the perfect hooklength to cover all your commercial pole fishing needs. Primarily designed to be used for F1’s and carp the Kaizen Ready Rigs feature the ever-popular Kaizen Spade End PTFE coated barbless hooks. 

The Kaizen features a llethal off-set Wasabi point which makes these hooks unescapable for fish! They retain upmost strength without being overly thing, meaning you have ultimate presentation. 

Six inches long, tied to the popular and reliable N-Gauge line, they can be easily cut down to your desired size.

Perfect for all kinds of baits from maggots and worms to meat, pellets, and corn.

Sizes Available: 8 RIGS PER PACK    
20 - 0.11mm
18 - 0.13mm
16 - 0.15mm
14 - 0.15mm 
12 - 0.17mm
10 - 0.19mm

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