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Tackle Guru - Match Special Rig 1m

Tackle Guru - Match Special Rig 1m

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The Match Special Ready Rigs are perfectly suited to natural water silverfish fishing. The 1 metre length suits both waggler and feeder situations and can be cut down to any length you require. The Match Special is a medium wire pattern designed for all-round use on natural venues. The straight razor-sharp point, coupled with the flat wide gape is particularly effective for silverfish and suits baits like maggots, pinkies, worms, casters and corn. 

All the Match Special Ready Rigs are tied to the ever-reliable N-Gauge line, which is super strong and supple, the perfect line to accompany the Match Special hook. Each hook size has been matched to the relevant line diameter for ultimate performance. 

The Match Special Ready Rigs come supplied on our Rig Spools and have all the relevant information required on the front of the spool. These spools also fit into our Guru Rig Boxes, improving organisation and efficiency. 

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