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Tackle Guru - N-Gauge 400 Net Handle 4.0m 3pc

Tackle Guru - N-Gauge 400 Net Handle 4.0m 3pc

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The latest addition to the N-Gauge family is the 4.0m N-Gauge Pro Landing Net Handle. This handle is made from a super strong Zero400 Tensile Carbon construction that has been purposely designed to give the handle maximum strength, durability, whilst still offering a balanced lightweight performance. 

The 4.0m N-Gauge Pro handle features high compression strength blanks for increased power and rigidity, particularly effective when used at the handle’s full 4.0m length. The handle features over cap take/apart joints which significantly improves the overall performance and stiffness. Featuring a double thread on the end two sections which means it can be used at multiple lengths (4.0m & 2.9m). 

The N-Gauge Pro handle is finished off with a Super Glide Matt Finish to improve both speed and efficiency when netting fish. 

Tech Specs: Length: 4.0m, Sections: 3pc, Weight: 350g

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