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Tackle Guru - SMWG Bait Bands 15"

Tackle Guru - SMWG Bait Bands 15"

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The 15” Banded Super MWG Ready Rigs are suited perfectly to bomb, cage and waggler work on commercial fisheries. The latex bait band used on each rig is suited to baits like pellets, wafters, boilies and maggots.

In the 10, 12 and 14 sizes we have improved the line diameter options to offer even more choices in these larger sizes. 

Each Ready Rig is tied using the highest quality components available to create the best possible Rig. The super strong N-Gauge line is used on each rig, offering supreme strength and durability. 

The 15” SMWG Ready Rigs come supplied on our Rig Spools and have all the relevant information required on the front of the Rig spool. These spools also fit into our Guru Rig Boxes, improving organisation and efficiency. 

The sizes range from a 16 right through to a 10 and each spool comes supplied with 8 hooks. 

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