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Tackle Guru

Tackle Guru - X-Safe Elastics (Black)

Tackle Guru - X-Safe Elastics (Black)

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The Guru X-Safe Long Black Elasticated stem offers anglers one of the biggest edges in modern match angling. The X-Safe is the only safe elasticated system on the market, with the whole elasticated section easily pulling through the stem so any fish lost due to a main line breakage or picking up a cracked-off rig will be able to easily lose the feeder or lead. 

Developed by top match anglers Steve Ringer and Adam Rooney the X-Safe Speed Stems allow for ultra-quick re-casts all you need to do is unclip the whole feeder or lead from the main line and attach a new ready-to-go rig.

Using this system, the Guru team have won countless matches since its release with the Speed Stems allowing anglers to have multiple feeders or leads set up and ready to recast within seconds of a fish or bringing a rig in, saving valuable minutes over the course of a match or pleasure session when speed is the key.

The stems fit Gurus existing method, pellet and Hybrid feeders and the inline lead range, easily slotting into the existing holes to make an instant quick change, elasticated feeder or lead set-up. Just tie a small loop onto the main line, secure it to the stem via the streamlined crook and small tail rubber, and its ready to go.

The Long Black X-Safe stem is particularly effective when fishing method/Hybrid feeders at distance. The Long X-Safe Black stem significantly aids both distance and accuracy which is vital on big open water venues. The Long stem also contains more elastic which is crucial for avoiding hook pulls when playing big fish. 

Available in short and long versions.

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