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Gardner Fishing Tackle

Gardner Fishing Tackle Baiting Spoon and Lightweight Handle Combo Pack

Gardner Fishing Tackle Baiting Spoon and Lightweight Handle Combo Pack

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This combo pack combines the classic Gardner Baiting Spoon with our new Lightweight Baiting Spoon Handle. The spoon and dedicated handle both feature a standard 3/8″ BSF fitting. This means the spoon can be used with other components that incorporate this standard thread, i.e. other baiting spoon handles, landing net handles, banksticks, etc. Use the spoon and Lightweight Handle for short range baiting (off a boat or baiting the nearside margin) or swap the Lightweight Handle for a Long Baiting Spoon Handle for applying larger quantities of bait at longer range.

Perfect for use with almost any bait, from particle baits to boilies; hurling out ground bait balls or laying down a carpet of loose ground bait mix from a boat.

  • Baiting Spoon: length = 31.5cm (12″).
  • Lightweight Handle: length= 22cm, weight= 66 grams.
  • The spoon is Made from tough high impact plastic.
  • Black Rubber grip for comfort and grip.
  • Made from aluminium tube for maximum durability.
  • Standard thread fits any baiting spoon.
  • Includes Leather Lock Washer for improved locking and unlocking.

There are also 3 other handles available to purchase separately; The Short Baiting Spoon Handle, The Lightweight Baiting Spoon Handle and The Long Baiting Spoon Handle. Baiting Spoons are also available separately

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