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Fortis Essentials Brown 247

Fortis Essentials Brown 247

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Fortis Essentials 24/7 (Brown Lens)

The Fortis ‘Essentials’ are lightweight and fit perfectly around the face to block out the sunshine from getting in through the sides. The 1.1mm popular 24/7 brown or AM/PM amber lenses cover all light conditions and cut out glare allowing you to see deeper below the surface so you can spot fish or features in the depths. Essential for every trip to the lake!

They come supplied with a microfibre drawstring bag, which not only stores them but cleans them too.

- Simple design, low price, uncompromised quality
- Superb for anglers on a budget
- Wraparound style
- Great quality lenses in a choice of two colours
- Microfibre cloth case with drawcord
- Summer Essential

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