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Katran Crypton Line 17.5lb

Katran Crypton Line 17.5lb

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KATRAN - Crypton Carp - For those who like to stay one step ahead of the competition!

The term "game changer" is bounced about all too often in carp fishing. However, using a main line that actually changes colour to match the lake bed, and glows up neon under a blue light has truly made night fishing a lot easier, especially when your fishing rods tight on a spot over bait...

Whilst it's been around for a while in Europe, during the last 12 months or so a group of dedicated UK anglers have this stuff every where. From big cotswold pits, to pressured Oxfordshire day tickets and none of them have looked back. 

Carp to over 40, distance casting to margin work and everything in between , "Crypton Carp" has shone in all area's.. Especially when combines with the dedicated head torch available here!👇
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