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Korda - Booms Spinner Swivel XX 5.5in

Korda - Booms Spinner Swivel XX 5.5in

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The Spinner Rig is incredibly popular these days, but if you aren’t confident in tying your own, or simply don’t have the time, then these ready-tied booms are the perfect solution. 

Constructed from our market leading Boom material in 35lb. These Booms are extremely strong and durable. To make life easier, they have a loop crimped at one end - which can be attached to your lead system via a QC Swivel, Kwik Link or similar. At the business end, a XX Spinner Swivel has been attached via a crimp; this is the extra strong version within our Spinner Swivel range.

To turn the ready tied boom into a Spinner Rig, all you need to do is attach your choice of hook, complete with a kicker to cover the XX Spinner Swivel. If the hook becomes blunt it can be easily changed and the Boom can be retained and re-used at the end of your session. 

They come in a choice of 5.5 inch or 7.5 inch long booms, with three per pack.   

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