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Korda - Kickers Bloodworm

Korda - Kickers Bloodworm

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Kickers may just be a bent piece of rubber, but often the simplest things in fishing have the biggest impact, and these will help improve the hooking potential of a multitude of different rigs. 

The bent hook set-up was incredibly effective at taking a hold in the mouth of a fish, but also caused a lot of damage, and so for years anglers have been using pieces of shrink tubing to replicate its effect. Kickers take all the hassle out of that, as they give the same effect but by simply sliding one over the eye of your hook, rather than having to mess around steaming anything. 

They are also perfect for use with spinner rigs. Some anglers want to camouflage their rig as much as possible, and the Green or Brown version is perfect for that, but on some venues a brightly coloured piece of tubing on the hook can actually make it more likely to be picked up see there is also mixed Red/White and Yellow/Pink versions, if you do want to add a splash of colour to your hook. In addition, those anglers that use natural hook baits such as maggots and casters or regularly fish in silt where bloodworm are prevalent, the latest addition to the kicker range is the Bloodworm Red version.

All kickers regardless of colour are made from robust rubber, with three different sizes to suit the hook that you are using – small for sizes 10 and 12; medium for sizes 6 and 8; large for sizes 2 and 4 – so that they stay snugly in place over the eye. When you hook a fish the Kicker will pull straight during the fight but will then return to its original shape and ready to be used again. You get ten Kickers in each pack.

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