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Korda - SUBline Tapered Mainline Sub Brown

Korda - SUBline Tapered Mainline Sub Brown

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Tapered SUBline has all of SUBline’s fast-sinking, abrasion resistant-properties, but the line tapers into an integral shock leader at each end. No knots are necessary; if you snap off and lose one, all you have to do is wind the line onto a new spool to reveal the other!
Because there are no leader knots involved, the risk of ‘frapping up’ on big casts is massively reduced and there is nothing for weed to collect on or for a lead system to jam against.

This line was designed for extreme-range casting, but the extra diameter also acts as a robust snag leader. Each tapering leader is 15 metres long, but can be cut down by a maximum of five metres for super-long range, when every last yard counts.

Tapered SUBline is available in the following versions:

0.28mm - 0.50mm (8lb tapering to 40lb)
0.30mm - 0.50mm (10lb tapering to 40lb)
0.33mm - 0.50mm (12lb tapering to 40lb)
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