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KORDA - Loop Braid 20lb

KORDA - Loop Braid 20lb

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This supple yet abrasion resistant braid is perfect for creating combi-style rigs as it’s just stiff enough to push the hook away from the hook link when using neutrally buoyant baits.

Ideal for creating rigs such as DF’s favourite loop and boom combi-rig where the braided loop section is set up blow-back style utilising Danny’s favoured lasso knot over additional metalwork such as rig ring or micro hook swivel.

Although perfect for creating loop-to-loop style rigs, the Loop Braid works extremely well when tying rigs which require an Albright Knot.

Loop Braid is a camouflaged colour in 20lb breaking strain, with 20m on each square spool which are shaped perfectly for slotting into your Korda Tackle Box.

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