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NGT PVA Bags 70x200mm

NGT PVA Bags 70x200mm

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- Available in several variants
- Number of pieces: 20
- These PVA bags have the most important properties of PVA
- The PVA melts quickly, (even at low water temperature) there is absolutely nothing behind when it is melted
- This PVA contains no PVA smell
- The PVA is extremely strong (ideal for long distance casting)
- The PVA can be used all year round, but is particularly effective during the colder period of the year!
- Easy to fill, you create a very attractive PVA bag in a short time
- Usual for carp fishing


These NGT PVA Bags should absolutely not be missing from your carp equipment. These PVA bags make it possible to get a (small) compact pile of feed directly to your hookbait by simply putting your entire assembly in it. Especially effective in the colder period of the year! For example, use a single small boilie as hook bait and 10 crushed boilies in the PVA bag.

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