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Trakker Pillows

Trakker Pillows

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If you are staying overnight at the bankside or your are just looking for a bit of extra comfort to add to your fishing chair, then the Trakker Pillow may be the choice for you.

Although some anglers may be content with just packing their bedroom pillow when heading to the bankside, us anglers know that a separate pillow for fishing can be a godsend.

Aside from potential dirt, fish slime and general wear and tear from the demands of angling, a fishing pillow such as the Trakker pillow offer ultra-soft polyester on one side for those warmer nights at the bankside and polar fleece on the other so you can keep your face a bit warmer when the temperatures start to drop. For those concerns about keeping the pillow clean, do not fear! The outer case of the pillow is removable to aid washing.

The pillow comes in 2 sizes of small (L50cm x W40cm) and large (L70cm x W50cm). Large is ideal if you have a wide bedchair or just enjoy plenty of pillow space.

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