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Tackle Guru - Aventus Zero 900 16m Pole Carp Pack

Tackle Guru - Aventus Zero 900 16m Pole Carp Pack

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The Aventus 900 pole is quite simply the very best we could physically make a pole, given all current technology available. This pole is made using the highest grade of Japanese carbon. Using a fast taper means the pole goes from thick to thin quickly, enabling us to achieve incredible stiffness while still maintaining superior strength.

The pole has been thoroughly tested over a 24-month period by a range of anglers on many venues throughout Europe. Project leader and Brand Manager Adam Rooney used all his anglers and the experience available to make the best pole possible.


The Aventus Zero900 16m Power package provides anglers that regularly fish commercial venues with an extensive spares package.

The full package includes:

  • 1x Aventus Zero900 Pole 16m
  • 1x Aventus Zero900 Fusion Pole Holdall
  • 1x Aventus True Extension 13m
  • 1x Aventus True Extension 14.3/16m
  • 1x Aventus Cupping Kit & Rapid Release Pole Cups
  • 1x Fusion X-Case
  • 2 x Aventus Z900 Match 3.5mm - 3.9m Match Kits (Top 3)
  • 2 x Aventus Match Power 4.7mm - 2.4m Match Kits (Top 2)
  • 6 x Aventus Carp Power 5.8mm - 2.4m Match Kits (Top 2)

5 x Aventus Top Kits of the anglers choice*

*The 5 additional kits of the anglers choice can be mixed and matched from Match Power, Carp Power & both F1 kit options.

Please Note all the Aventus Zero900 sections are FULLY INTERCHANGABLE with the Aventus Zero700.

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