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Tackle Guru - Bobbie Float

Tackle Guru - Bobbie Float

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The Bobbie pole float has been primarily designed to cover most commercial carp and F1 pole fishing situations. The Bobbie is a super strong pole float with a highly visible 1.8mm hollow plastic bristle which suits bigger baits and bigger fish scenarios perfectly. 

The Bobbie features a slim body pattern which offers minimal resistance, but still retains enough stability to offer perfect rig presentation, even in windy conditions. This float body is made from a super strong high-density foam material which has created the most durable float possible. 

Presentation is a vital aspect to any pole float and the Guru Bobbie features a 0.6mm wire stem which offers perfect rig presentation and stability. For enhanced strength and durability, the wire stem of the Bobbie goes right through the high-density foam body and is placed into the tip of the float which adds significant strength and robustness. 

The side eye of the pole float is also glued deep into the foam body, improving the pole floats longevity massively. 

The Bobbie is a super versatile pole float pattern and the size range available reflects that. We’ve produced the Bobbie from 0.15g right through to 1g covering a wide variety of different fishing situations and bait options. 

Just like the rest of the Guru Mick Wilkinson pole float range the Bobbie is handmade in our UK pole float facility and every single float goes through an extremely high level of quality control from our incredibly experienced float engineers to create the most reliable pole floats possible!

Guru Bobbie Sizes Available; 

  • 0.15g 
  • 0.25g 
  • 0.30g
  • 0.40g
  • 0.50g
  • 0.75g
  • 1.00g
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