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Tackle Guru

Tackle Guru - X-Change Bait Up Feeder Heavy Spare Weight Pack

Tackle Guru - X-Change Bait Up Feeder Heavy Spare Weight Pack

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After the popularity of the X-Change Feeder Range launched, further development continued to meet demands of the modern anglers looking for some slimmer, smaller additions with all the same key features to fit a void in feeders. Perfect for times when smaller amounts of feed are needed, ideal for roach and skimmer work in the UK and Ireland, and the ultimate winter and Springtime feeder. Three sizes cater for all eventualities when smaller feeders are needed, from the Mini cage for tiny amounts of feed, to the small and medium. The Slimline Range is born!

Being weight forward, the Slimline Feeders fly like absolute bullets, allowing anglers to fish at range with small feeders, and cast super accurately with ease! The renowned X-Change System allows anglers to change the weights of the feeders easily and efficiently in seconds, without changing the feeder. If the wind picks up or you need to cast further, simply change the weight! The whole Slimline Range is interchangeable. Obviously the feeders are a different diameter to the original range so not interchangeable.

The Slimline range features cage feeders only – the most popular with modern anglers, giving fast bait release thanks to the tapered design and easy water access through the cage. The feeders rise off the bottom on the retrieve to prevent feeders getting snagged in rough terrain, and they also retrieve smoothly. All feeders feature the stiff line-loop attachment, which enables the feeder to sit central every time when casting, preventing tangles and enabling optimum accuracy.


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