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Tackle Guru

Tackle Guru - X-Change Distance Feeder

Tackle Guru - X-Change Distance Feeder

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The X-Change Distance Feeders have a weight forward design, allowing anglers to fish at range with small feeders, and cast accurately with ease. The renowned X-Change System allows anglers to change the weights of the feeders easily and efficiently in seconds, without changing the feeder. 

The cage design allows a quick release of groundbait from the feeder. 

The Solid body design helps the groundbait stay in the feeder, this is useful when fishing deeper swims. It is also perfect for feeding worms, casters, and other particle baits by placing them into the middle of the feeder and plugging both ends with groundbait. 

Different size weights are available separately, allowing you to customise your feeders to suit your fishing situation. 

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