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Trakker Nitelife Bug Bluster

Trakker Nitelife Bug Bluster

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Trakker Bug Blaster


Introducing the Nitelife Bug Blaster, multi-purpose in design, it can be utilised as both an LED lantern and an ultraviolet mosquito killer. This not only protects your session from an unwanted invasion of pests but also allows you to take the Bug Blaster inside your shelter, making efficient use of the LED technology to keep your session lit.



  • Multi-purpose LED lantern and ultraviolet mosquito killer.

  • Long-life rechargeable (2200mAh) battery: 36 hours (mozzie) 4/8/20 hours (Lantern).

  • Lantern and mosquito killer can be used together or independently.

  • Folding hanger conveniently packs away into lantern body.

  • Supplied with: Micro USB cable, cleaning brush.

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